Mission Statement

The Mission of the BC Pilots Association is to Get More Pilots Flying to More Places.
To bring BC Pilots and Flying Groups together to advance and promote Recreational and General Aviation in British Columbia.

The Vision and Goals of the BC Pilots Association

The BC Pilots Association is a Non-Profit Society registered and incorporated in B.C. All membership dues and donations go directly to funding projects of the Association such as hosting fly in events, education, airstrip revitalization, assisting flying clubs, scholarships and pilots resources.

One of our first goals is to bring the Flying Clubs together to promote the clubs and events that they are hosting. Primarily through a common website and calendar, events are posted so that other BC Pilots can see, plan and attend events around the province. Committees will assist Clubs in putting on events to make them successful and boosting aviation awareness to the public, similar to the COPA for Kids events.

Flying Clubs are having trouble keeping membership up, pilots are getting older, costs have sky rocketed. Bringing them together will give us a bigger voice. Club newsletters have diminished, and with a centralized newsletter for BC, it will benefit everyone.

Another goal is to promote and maintain airstrips around BC making them safe places to fly to. We will document and have web pages for airstrips, making it easier for pilots to locate current information. US States have been very successful at maintaining low use or abandoned airstrips through work parties and donations.

Cleaning up these smaller airstrips by marking runways, adding windsocks, picnic tables, camping areas, shelters and campfire rings. Making these more of a family destination to advance recreational flying in BC and hopefully more people will want to get their pilots license.

Opening up or maintaining airstrips closer to your home base, reducing the cost of flying. Possibly having airstrips dedicated to BCPA members to host aviation Fly-Ins and social events.

Other events and benefits of the BCPA will be seminars for safety, re-currency and workshops. Discounts for members at hotels, events, gas, stores and others are possible and being looked into. Using more members to get better discounts.

BC is a BIG place. We will be taking advantage of new technology through webinars, streaming and other Internet methods. This will allow a much larger group to be involved in the operation of the BCPA.

Reducing the cost of flying is a big concern to everyone, and probably the main reason aviation is in such a decline everywhere. It is important that people volunteer their time, knowledge, experience and manpower to reduce costs, so we are hoping to encourage help in ways that will do this. Similar to the way Flying Clubs operate now, but with a far greater pool of members.

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Our contact information is;

BC Pilots Association
3495 Wellington Cres.
North Vancouver, BC, V7R 3B3

For more information about membership contact; members@BCPilots.org

BC is a BIG place and not everyone that wants to help can attend a meeting.
Let us know what you would like to do to help, and eMail us your contact info, watch the website for news and spread the word to other pilots.

Hopefully, we will get more pilots flying to more places. Using airplanes as transportation, recreation and making it fun for the whole family.