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Thank you for becoming a member of the BC Pilots Association. The BCPA is all about getting more pilots flying to more places. To do that, we plan to organize things to do and places to go.

Your Association dues go directly to funding projects that promote recreational flying in BC. By working with local flying clubs and pilots, we can help them organize and host or co-host more events. Most of the projects we will be doing require funding to ensure their success.

With your dues there will be funding to host events such as fly-ins, seminars, educational material. With a larger group of members there will be a greater guarantee that our events will be more successful by reaching out to more pilots.

A daunting task will be re-vitalizing airstrips that have been neglected and overgrown. This has been very successful with other Pilots Associations in the US and it is time for us to do the same in B.C. These costs will vary and may be expensive, but success will come from our members. Other groups think that the government will pay for these, but that is unrealistic as we are getting less and less out of Victoria and Transport Canada.

By organizing work parties, the BCPA dues can fund projects to make those airstrips safe to fly in to. Once we get underway, funding will help us to provide these airstrips with clean up, places to camp, parking and tie-downs, and maintain windsocks and markers.

Funding for these projects will come from membership dues and donations. As funding increases, more projects can be realized. There are options for you to help fund our projects, by normal membership dues, and by donation for those that want to give more to support recreational aviation in BC.

Download the Application form (PDF), fill it in and email to or regular mail it to;

B.C. Pilots Association
3495 Wellington Cres
North Vancouver,
BC, V7R 3B3

Attn: Membership

Membership Dues and Donations

Volunteering is also needed. Our province is big and requires volunteers from local areas to help organize through various committees and if needed at events. If there is anything that you feel would help, let us know.