BC Pilots aviation links

Links to various websites and companies that are of interest to BC Pilots, including weather, restaurants, various aviation companies and miscellaneous links

Flight Planning

100LL - Canadian 100LL prices and CFS
NavCanada - Home Page
NavCanada AWWS - Aviation Weather
NavCanada CFPS - Online Flight Plan filing
SkyVector - World wide aviation charts with flight planning and weather

Cross Border

eAPIS Home page - Electronic Advanced Passenger Information System
AOPA - Good information on flying from US to Canada
Guide - Cross Border Flying with a small aircraft
Transport Canada - Flying to Canada - What you should know
DTOPS Home page - The Decal / Transponder Online Procurement System


Aero News Network- Aviation daily news video
AOPA Live- Weekly news video (Thursday)
Aviation International News - World aviation news
AvStop - Aviation News and Resource Online Magazine
Canadian Aviation News - Canadian Airline and Industry News
General Aviation News- Covers GA daily news


Air Time - A Non-Profit that offers courses to introduce aviation and promotes recreational flying. A Co-Pilot course and Radio course are done regularly along with free introductory flights.

American Owners and Pilots Association - US national pilots association
BC Aviation Council - Promotes aviation and aerospace in British Columbia
Canadian 99's - Ninety Nines - Canadian Organization
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association - National pilots association
Canadian Aviation Historical Society - Focused on our Canadian history
Idaho Aviation Association - Giving Idaho a GA voice locally and nationally
Montana Pilots Association - The voice of GA in Montana
Recreational Aviation Foundation - Preserves, maintains and creates airstrips
The Ninety-Nines Inc. - International Organization of Women Pilots

BC Aviation Museum - Located at Victoria Airport, CYYJ, (L)
Canadian Museum of Flight - Located at Langley Airport, CYNJ

Cessna Owner Organization - Cessna Owner magazine
Cessna Pilots Association - Cessna technical information and magazine
COPA - Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
Piper Cherockee Owners - Cherockee Pilot's Association / Piper Owner Society
Vans Air Force - Van's RV kitplanes Forum and news

Coming Events


Flight Planner at SkyVector.com